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need to remind myself

Posted on 2007.04.23 at 23:05
I'm going through that time where my mind and attitude feels just negative, bitchy, blah. Let's see I had a great weekend. Went out, saw some friends, drank, spending time with a qt. But then, the whole money issues comes up. I feel as if i'm taken advantage, not appreciated for the money I spent. I sometimes feel I might just be thinking of myself, but honestly I have my fair share.. lets see i spent 30 Dollars on alcohol, paid for a friend's bus ride and not to mentioned paid half of the taxi cab.... but... someONE... Divaaa... ugh... money is such a problem. Do i feel taken advantage of? yes. Do i get credit... not this weekend. And I wish I could just put some sense and make him feel bad and understand.... But no and i just feel like I just don't want to talk to him the rest of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH. anyone I was at school hating to think this way... Thinking that I need to refer to my book. Refer to good life.


Posted on 2007.04.17 at 01:07
i must say it was an amazing weekend. well i enjoyed cuddling next to someone and fallen asleep on them or fallen asleep on me. it was just nice.


Posted on 2006.06.11 at 00:53
I fucking hate stalkers...! I thought this guy was gone for sure by changing my voicemail to the mono tone lady but he fucking calls me back in private.... stupid me... STUPID.. i'm so fucking pist.. I don't know what to do.... I can't just say to him he's weird..... why... cause UGH. HE IS SOOOOO WEIRD....................

Posted on 2006.03.18 at 22:06
So I don't really update my journal as much. So today I went to Barnes to purchase a personal journal. A week ago after Vince and I broke up and got back with each other, He gave me this "love" book. I read majority of the book today but Vince wants it back after our recent break up. Anyway I kinda wish I read the book right away he gave it to me while we were still together, because i think it would've saved out relationship. I guess he was right, that it would've helped if i said outloud to him that i appreciate who he was, how great of a person he was.... BUT it still gets to me about i may still be the same and he would raise his voice at me. anyway, point being. I read this part in the "LOVE" book about how try writing my feelings about certain things in a journal. AND by hopefully practicing that It would help me express my feelings and emotions easier. SO hopefully this will WORKS?!!! Hmmm... I kinda wanna finish the book but he just called me today to give back his book. Hmmm. wow. i can't believe we are done.

omg ur so stupid

Posted on 2005.12.25 at 20:56
omg ... i ruin it. i am so stupid. sooo stupid. why?!

my girlfriend

Posted on 2005.11.24 at 11:18
Having a girlfriend is wonderful. I like Diana a lot and she really opens my mind. She is such a good person. :)

ok its official

Posted on 2005.09.14 at 21:03
Ok it's official. I saw the documents. Well more like reading it and like.. being a lil sneaky pooh. SO i see these piles of paper on my dad's desk. IT was the agreement and plan for the house in Nevada. I know it's official cause i see this price saying 410,000 something blah, and like this long ass list saying like "no jacuzzi" or special stuff needed or not needed for the house. Kunda amazing. Hmm should i move to Nevada with my Rents? Chrisotpher told me the gay scene is not nice there. Maybe I'll move there cause its only 1.5-2hr drive from LA, Cali. well I'm out Later.

Is this foreal? gotta see how the future goes.

Posted on 2005.09.12 at 22:58
So My parents came back from Vegas last week.. Or maybe this was 2 weeks. Point is they told me they bought a house there that will be built. They plan on moving next year summer. I was like "yea pshh please.." But so almost every other day I would hear they talk about this house. And then I heard my mom talking to Irene in tagalog about the house in Vegas, and i butt in saying "no, foreal, are you really building a house in vegas?" and my mom was like yes.. and then like yesterday she was like "so Kenneth you can come visit us and bring your friends down in Vegas if they want to stay, but once when your done with cosmetology"... and i'm like is this foreal? ANd then my mom told me that Kevin and I will take care of the house... Since Marvin and Irene and their baby will have a house built in aurora. ANd Michael will be moving in with my Parents in Vegas... And i GUess it was foreal cause Michael came butting in the conversation saying "yea, I'm gonna go to a community school down in Las Vegas.." ANd im thinking to myself "ok.. be calm... this is kinda cool.. but is this really foreal..." So then my dad comes in .. and i'm acting all like this is not that good.. and so i asked my dad "are you foreal going to move to vegas?" ANd my dad smiles and goes "yes.... why?" and i'm like "who's gonna pay for the bills?" and he laughs "haha you will....." and i go... "i don't understand house mortgage, insurance, tax" and he laughs again saying "i thought you want to be independent... why? You cant live without me?"... But really i was like thinking "how will i get money?".. since papa is like the one taht pays me... I know how terrilbe... Hmmm.. BUt i'm still skeptical.. Like usually they say things and it may not happen.. but it sounds foreal to me.. why would michael be saying that he'll go to school there and then like my mom talking to irene.. and irene telling me things... IT's kinda cool.. We'll see how this really goes.. I will need to update this entry at may-june 2006 if it truely does happen that they are moving to Las Vegas.

Posted on 2005.09.05 at 14:22
is it me or why do some types of people that like me... are really... not what i like to date.... um..


Posted on 2005.08.22 at 14:18
Current Music: Kanye West - College Drop out
So i need a job... preferably a salon job. I owe my dad around 500 dollars or more. I'm thinking of moving out the house, even though pete is letting me crash with him. Oh yea.. I dropping out of college for a while... Or let's just say... Not being a full time student, just taking gen eds.. More like i'm gonna be taking one or 2 classes per semester. I might quit the cheer team if i need more time for a job. I don't know what I want to major in so it's worthless taking classes for a waste of money. Hmmm... I don't know... why does it sound bad to some people that I drop out of college. I'm just putting it on hold. But I enjoy cosmetology school, and it's like a college but it's not college accredited even though this lady that manages the school major in some gov't congress thing. She is trying to make it accredited for like some college thing. Hmmm. Yea cosmetology is nice and i would like to work in that field. I'm am already training to be one. The question is... if I do continue with college, what could i major in relation to cosmetology. Like what in arts? Maybe i should jsut stick my associates in science. I don't know. All i know i'm gonna drop out and find a job get money and go to cosmetology school.

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